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Ordering Information

For your convenience, Concord Components, Inc. offers different options to assist you in placing your orders. Please review these options below.  After confirming price and availability with one of our sales representatives, you can submit your purchase orders via: E-Mail or Fax. You can fax your purchase orders to (402) 375-5004, E-Mail direct to your sales representative and/or to Sales@ConcordComponents.Com

Postal Mailing Address

Concord Components, Inc.
1700 Industrial Drive
Wayne, NE 68787 USA

Accepted Forms Of Payment

Domestic Orders

We accept many forms of payment: Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, And American Express), C.O.D., Cashiers/Certified Check, Credit Terms (must be pre-qualified), Money Order, Company Check, Wire Transfer, and Escrow Transactions.

International Orders

All international orders are paid in advance or via an Escrow Transaction.

Credit Card Orders

Please fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form and submit this with your purchase order. Credit card numbers can be accepted over the phone by one of our friendly sales representatives.

Company Check And C.O.D.

May take 3-5 days to process orders.

Wire Transfers

Please reference invoice and purchase order information on the bank documentation, to ensure proper record keeping and application. A $30.00 wire transfer fee will be added to all orders less than $500. 

Shipping In The United States

We ship UPS, Federal Express, DHL or United States Postal Service. If you provide us with your shipping account, we will ship accordingly or we can ship on our account and bill back. All costs are based on size, weight, and destination of the package. In addition, we perform “Drop Shipments” to other locations or customers if information is provided.  

International Shipments

The above shipping methods are offered to our international customers; all costs are determined by the size, weight, value and destination of the package. Concord Components, Inc. adheres to all export rules of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and shipments may be ITAR restricted. Any export restrictions may cause delays in shipping lead times. 

All orders are subject to Concord Components, Inc. Terms And Conditions . Call (402) 375-5000, and one of our sales representatives will assist you in any questions you may have. 

Excess Inventory

Concord Components, Inc. offers customized solutions to assist you in managing your excess material. Please review how below. 


Concord Components, Inc. offers customized solutions to assist you in managing your excess material. Excess or unnecessary inventory can add to your working capital expenditures due to product devaluation and added carrying costs. Our excess inventory programs are designed to address your inventory goals, increase the value of your inventory and reduce your carrying costs. 

Concord Components, Inc. is your channel into the secondary market. We will market and distribute your excess inventory to a worldwide customer base. Our professional team of Excess Managers average 15 to 20 years of industry experience, and will help you to determine your inventory value. We are in a position to purchase, consign or broker your obsolete, excess and end-of-life product. We will work to create a program that’s suitable to your company’s needs. 

 Call one of our Purchasing Professionals at (402) 375-5000 and speak to: 

Rob Surber

Rob Surber
Department Director
Extension 100

What Makes Concord Components The Most Effective Excess Partner?


We will review your product list(s) and help you to determine a market value for your material. Simply Fax or E-Mail your list(s) to Fax (402) 375-5004 or Rob@ConcordComponents.Com . You will receive a quick and timely response for your consideration. 

Purchasing Program

With over 800,000 line items in stock, we have one of the largest inventories in the secondary market. Concord has a broad purchasing scope, which includes: all board level components, finished goods, populated boards, and sub-assemblies. This program offers the following:

Consignment Program

This is the best program to maximize your return on inventory. The benefit of our consignment program is that it gives you the opportunity to utilize our resources to help manage, store and maximize the return of your stagnant inventory. Through our marketing program we will create visibility for, and sell your inventory to a global base of customers, while taking advantage of commodity pricing opportunities. 

Once we negotiate a fair profit split, we will provide the following services:

Green Programs

Our goal is to increase the value of your excess inventory, help reduce carrying costs and ultimately assist in keeping your supply chain efficient and cost effective. 

Call, Fax or E-Mail your excess inventory to one of our expert managers today! 

Military And Aerospace Industry

Please Review The Following Products And Services Concord Components, Inc Offers To The Military And Aerospace Industries. 

About Us

Concord Components, Inc. is a trusted supply chain partner to major manufacturers and the U.S. Government, specializing in the distribution of military and commercial grade board level components. We stock a wide range of products including: Semiconductors, Connectors, Passive and Electro-Mechanical components. Concord Components, Inc. has 800,000 line items of Obsolete and Hard to Find parts in stock; making us a valuable partner in mitigating DMSMS and obsolescence issues. 

Market Position

Supplier Quality Strategy

Starts with the procurement process where 90% of the electronic components procured through Concord Components, Inc. are purchased from some of the worlds largest OEM & CEM’s. Regardless of where the product originates, it must first pass a stringent quality inspection and testing process meeting our ISO 9001:2015 & AS 9120:2016 standards. 

Value Added Services

Concord Components, Inc. is a broad based supplier, which offers more than just distribution Services. We offer a variety of Value Added Services, which complement our sales offerings, and offer additional ways to increase cost savings and improve On Time Delivery: 

Company Facts

Main Facility (Bill To/Ship To): Wayne, NE
Employees: 20
Registrations: CCR Registered
JCP Certification: 0047435
Information Sharing: Exostar
DUNS Number: 83-924-5552
CAGE Code: 1UHB2


The Military Line Card:

This PDF contains a partial list of the products and services we offer to the Military. 

Value Added Services

Concord Components, Inc. is a broad based supplier, which offers more than just distribution services. Please review our Value Added Services below.   

Concord Components, Inc. offers a wide array of value added services, which complement our sales offerings, and offer additional ways to increase cost savings and improve on time delivery. 

Specific Quantities

Often our customers have quantity requirements that differ from a manufacturer’s standard packaging. We offer customized ESD compliant packaging, which allows us to fill orders to your specific quantity requirements; our customized program offers the following:

This program is designed to save you the burden of excess inventory, extra inventory carrying costs and helps to reduce your shipping costs. 

Kitting Services

This service offers our resources to help assist in your purchasing and packaging projects. We offer mass or on demand kitting services and pick-n-pack services as well.

This is a cost effective outsourcing program, which reduces procurement costs and assists you in your material management program. 

Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services

Concord Components, Inc. has partnered with Xtreme Semiconductor to help support your part obsolescence issues. Xtreme Semiconductor provides ceramic and hermetic package design and assembly, screening and quality conformance to MIL-STD-883 High Reliability standards. 

Please contact Rob Surber (Ext 100) Rob@ConcordComponents.Com for procurement options. 

For further information on Xtreme Semiconductor, please visit

Other Value Added Services