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Concord Components Inc.

Concord Components, Inc. is a trusted supply chain partner to major manufacturers and the U.S. Government, specializing in the distribution of military and commercial grade board level components. We stock a wide range of products including: Semiconductors, Connectors, Passive and Electro-Mechanical components. As a full service Inventory Management Services provider, our large in-stock inventory, global supply chain availabilities, quality inspection program and excess material management programs offer you cost effective solutions to your component shortages and money making opportunities for excess material inventory.

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Concord Components Inc.

Concord has turned “Independent” as a distributor into an asset. The flexibility with procurement allows Concord to provide a much broader range of products as well as obsolete, hard-to-find and long lead time items. 800,000 line items of stock on the shelf for same-day shipping insure that Concord has more parts immediately available to keep the world’s production lines operating and aircraft in the air. In addition to our inventory, we offer total Bill of Material solutions through our global sources and procurement services.

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Concord Components is an award-winning, global distributor of electronic components. We carry thousands of parts in stock available for fast shipping. Browse our wide selection online today. At Concord Components, we carry over 800,000 line items of stock on hand for your electronic projects. We sell semiconductors, resistors, and every type of electronic component you need. We have been proudly serving our customers since 1997 in Wayne, Nebraska, offering premium products and excellent customer service. Concord Components supplies hard to find and obsolete integrated circuits, passive and electro-mechanical components to the US government, the military, private distributors, and thousands of people all over the world. We provide the highest quality components at unbeatable prices.


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